Links that are generally tool & woodworking related:


  • OldTools - A mailing list catering to the interests of old hand tool aficionados, collector and users. Read the FAQ first.
  • OldTools Archive - Collective wisdom to knock your socks off from members of the OldTools
  • Rex Mill - John Kleso's (rarebear) website. Excellent resource on Hand Planes: Tune Up, Set-Up, Refinishing, etc... as well as Heat Treating, and general woodworking information.


  • Bug Bear’s.... The best page of workbench links around. After all, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel....



Millers Falls:

Wood turning

  • The Woodturner’s Workshop - A resource for woodturners. Includes an e-book for beginners, some projects, and a wealth of information.

General Tool Reference:

  • Museum of Woodworking Tools - Great reference site, including a Guide to Honing and Sharpening by Maurice Fraser, master teacher.
  • Tool Trip - Hosted by Stan Faullin. Home of some very nice reproduction parts & Stanley Manuals

Some additional misc. links of use:

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