Projects & Plans

Some projects I have done, plans for them, and some wisdom I may have learned on the way.

“Wisdom” Snippets:

  • Don’t shake your finishes. I didn’t understand why you wouldn’t want to use an easy method to fully mix your finish before use. Here’s the reason why: AIR BUBBLES - and they often don’t work their way out of the finish before it dries.
  • It’s easy to even out your finish. Edge grain has a tendency of taking in more finish and going darker than the rest of your project.  If you sand your edge grain 2 grits (or so) higher, it will help reduce the absorption of your finish, thereby evening it out. This also works if you have planed your large surfaces, sanding the edge [of say a bullnose rounded table edge, which you can’t really plane smooth easily] with 400 grit sandpaper will provide a pretty even finish.
  • Don’t spot sand a small area on a surface you have planed. Your finish may not apply evenly.  I learned this when using a Gel based Stain, the first time I had stained any piece. Scrape instead.  Planing is, of course, a cutting action, leaving the pores in the wood generally unblocked.  Sanding cuts by rubbing, but does not cut clean, leaving blockage or damaged fibre structure. I generally do not use a filler to block the pores of my wood, so this may be a moot thing if you use filler.  This may also depend on what the finish you use is, as I have not seen this (as yet) when using an oil finish.

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