Shop Notes

A Collection of information I have found to be useful.

Most items in this section have not been written by myself, and many have been simply paraphrased. If so, they have been reproduced here as links, or with the original links and credit to the original author. Many of them have been reproduced because the original web-site has disappeared. (If this is your writing or work, and you wish it to be removed, please contact me.)

They have been gathered primarily from the OldTools Mail List archives, and other travels on the web. Please refer to the original posts if you are looking for the original, or full text and additional information. (I have distilled most of the original information from the posts down to the basic information.)

**Anything with an Archive number at the end has come from the OldTools archives, and is not written by me. Hence where it says "I" or "My" it does not reflect my direct experience, but that of the original author.

All Materials not credited to other authors is (c)2003 - 2008 Paul R. Morin.